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Choosing a good music school

Everybody loves music but there are people who want to enhance their skills more. Some parents, want to help their children with their love for music. Individually, a student also wants to learn more about singing or about playing a musical instrument. In some cases, there are schools who want to expose their students to music further. If this is the case, then enrolling in a music school is the smartest thing to do.


There are many considerations to take before enrolling in a music school. Let us look into some.


Before, deciding on what school, there are things that you should do first. As a parent, a school administrator, or a student, you should know what you what you want to learn from the music school and what do you wish to accomplish in time. If you have decided then you are good to start. Below is a list of the most popular types of music lessons:

  • Guitar lessons
  • Drum lessons
  • Singing Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Woodwind Lessons

First, it is smart to check on different music schools first. Do your homework. Check on their services and check on their reviews. We have included an example site called Discover Music who specialise in Singing Lessons for all ages, make sure to check out their reviews and social media. It is clear to see they are a great provider of music lessons.


Second, check on the price and ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price. Music schools have experienced teachers who do not just teach music but also do the coaching and the mentoring. It cannot be denied that the price is a little bit expensive so you have the option whether you are willing to pay or not.


Third, you should also consider the location of the music school. Check if it is convenient to go there every day and if it is not then maybe you should go for another one.


Fourth, check the school’s teachers and how good they are. Check on their length of experience and their certificates if any. Music teachers should also know about the recent news about teaching music. Even they should know how to teach something that are novelty these days. Also check if you and your chosen teacher’s personality are a match since you will be working most of the time. If you feel that you do not match at all then you could ask for a new one whom you are more comfortable to be with.


Fifth, check on the school’s facilities. Do they have enough musical instruments that students can try on or are they too limited that you do not have any choice but to choose what is left. Also check if their facilities and equipment are up to date or having the latest models. Paying a big amount is OK as long as the facilities are reasonable enough.


Sixth, you should also know what lessons they have and what services do they offer. Ask yourself if the school offers what you need.


Lastly, check on the teacher that they have. Ask if they have teachers for each instrument or for voice lessons. If you think only one teacher does it all, maybe she will be too exhausted to teach her students one by one.


In summary, in choosing a music school, there are many considerations to have like the price, the teachers they have, the lessons and services that they offer, the location, and the facilities that they have.

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Raising a child who has the love for music

music for kids

As parents, you are the first people who know what your child wants. From food, clothes, color, and even minor details such as his or her preference with regards to TV shows. A lot of children show interest with music at an early age. Probably, you have observed his love for listening to good music or even his interest in playing a musical instrument. As parents, it is your job to support your child if he or she is in this stage. You should let him feel your support by being his number one fan even if he does wrong in hitting those notes or he hits the wrong key.


Here are the things that you could do that could help you in raising a child who loves music.


First, you could sing with your son or your daughter. It is better if you choose simple tones so that it could be easily retained by your child. Probably choose a nursery rhyme that he likes to listen to. The main objective here is the musical bond that you create with your child. He or she sees that you have the love of music, then he or she will continue that love for music as well.


Second, you could show your child that you love music by putting your favorite band CD and just play it on. With technology these days, you can even turn on your computer and Children will surely enjoy if you dance with them to the tune since children are not hard to please. They will feel happy with small pleasures in life such as dancing and singing to the music.


Third, children are not picky in regards to music so if you want them to know more about it then you can choose to play different kinds of music. See what they are most interested with and they will pick them when time comes. Moreover, exposure to different kinds of music will surely benefit your child in a more positive way especially when he goes to school.


Fourth, if it is suitable to your budget, bring your kids to concerts. It does not matter what kind of concert or whose concert is it. The biggest advantage is your child will see other people who have the same love for music as them.


Fifth, if your children are still very young, you can let them join musical plays or programs in school no matter how small their roles are, they will surely enjoy the part. If your child is big enough, then you can let him join music lessons. In this way, your child will surely develop his confidence, self-discipline, and will also teach him never to give up.


In summary, as a parent you need to support your child if he or she likes music. There are many ways in doing so. If he is big enough you can let him join music lessons so that he will really love music even more.

The benefits of music lessons

music pic

Music is the language of every person’s soul. It helps in expressing things that cannot be expressed in words. There are children who show an early interest in music. They like to listen to different songs and even tell their parents about how interested they are in playing a musical instrument. If you are a parent and you see that your child has interest for music or any musical instrument then it is but right to give him a chance to be enrolled in a music school and have music lessons.

If you are not yet convinced in doing so, then you have to read on the advantages of enrolling your child to a music school.

1. Music has been related to the improvement of a child’s curricular activities. A lot of experts say that people who like music have higher academic achievements. Moreover, children who are exposed to music have better memory retention compared to those who are not. . It is the dream of every parent for their child to become and achiever. If you want this then it is indeed a smart idea to enroll your child.

2. Children who have exposure to music and musical instruments show more confidence than other children. This is because they are exposed to more people especially if they join bands and orchestras. In connection with this, children who take music lessons are more exposed to different kinds of people and help them with their leadership skills and socialization skills.

3. One more reason that you should try having music lessons for your children is to develop their patience. It has been observed by experts that children these days are very impatient and if you want to help your child delay his gratification, music can always help. After all, you do not learn a musical piece in a minute or so. You need to take time to read the notes and practice over and over again.

4. Music lessons are also great ways in teaching your child some discipline. As mentioned, you cannot just improve in a short period of time. You need to practice hard and practice every day in order to improve. It also gives them hope and not to give up on simple things. Music is a great way to develop self discipline in them.

5. Music is an art. Part from the academic side, music helps children to express themselves in a way that maybe they cannot say. It is a good form of self expression regardless of what musical instrument they choose. Also, it is a good way to express creativity.

As a parent, it is important to see and observe what do your children like to do. If you feel they have the interest for music, do not hinder them. Instead, give them your full support and be their number one fan. One way of supporting them is enrolling them in music schools. Music schools have a lot of benefits which include increase in academic performance, confidence and social skills, self-discipline and self-expression and creativity.